Eli Manning takes 12 stitches and blame for getting pulverized

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning(notes) sprung a leak Monday night, after getting crushed from behind by Jets linebacker Calvin Pace.

A mix-up on the play call resulted in Manning bumping into running back Brandon Jacobs(notes), and then Pace popping his helmet off. Manning's unprotected head then bounced off Jim Leonhard's(notes) facemask and then started pouring blood.

Manning and head coach Tom Coughlin were in agreement that Manning was at fault. First, Eli, via the New York Times:

I feel fine. I feel normal. The play was my fault. We had a run play with an option to throw a fade that I thought I might try, but Brandon was coming right up the middle. Sometimes you make a mistake and you get hit in the head.

And here's Coach Coughlin, in his postgame presser.

There was a run called and Eli just went for the fade ball with the wide receiver without really making any type of an alert or changing the play so he was just going to go ahead and communicate with the receiver and throw the ball. The only problem was that the play that had been called was a middle burst by Brandon Jacobs and Brandon thought he was getting the ball.

Fortunately, Eli suffered no concussion on the play, and while he might be held out of the next preseason game, isn't expected to miss any real action.

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