Eleven things Twitter teaches us about Cleatus the Fox Sports robot

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

The Fox Sports robot, Cleatus, has his own Twitter account. Here are 11 things we learned about him from scrolling through his many, many tweets.

• Can be philosophical.

• Also annoyed by lame Ohio State alums who call it "The Ohio State University."

• Refers to himself in the third person.

{YSP:more}• Doesn't use proper Twitter response form a la @SI_PeterKing.

• Is sort of creepy.

• Can't spell "hubba."

• Thinks you should be able to take a picture with anyone you darn well please.

• Has questionable taste in comedy.

• Is not a fan of Jack Nicholson, Stevie Wonder or Corey Hart.

• Seriously, he's pretty creepy and in desperate need of a dictionary:

• But, in the end, he shows that robots are just like us: in love with Tim Tebow.

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