Eddie Lacy heads to locker room with possible concussion from Brandon Meriweather hit

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On his first carry of the game, Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy burst through the line and gained 10 yards but was cold-clocked by Washington Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather.

The Fox replays appeared to show Meriweather leading with his head hitting Lacy on the helmet. Although no flag was thrown on the play, the issue of intent will be determined by the league, per rules czar Mike Pereria.

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Lacy left the game for the locker room, and it was announced in the press box that his return to the game was questionable with a possible concussion. James Starks replaced Lacy in the backfield.

Meriweather has a history of questionable hits. The most egregious was the hit on former Ravens tight end Todd Heap in 2010 when Meriweather was a member of the Patriots. That hit was so hard, the NFL warned that it could suspend players for particularly bad intentional helmet-to-helmet infractions. Meriweather also was fined in 2011 for a hit on Panthers wideout Steve Smith.

Meriweather is making his season debut. He was limited to about half a game's worth of action last season because of a lingering knee injury.

But in a brilliant stroke of poetic justice, Starks ran hard into Meriweather and rung his bell, knocking Meriweather out. He will not return to the game, also announced as a concussion.

It's getting dangerous in Green Bay.

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