Eddie George spent his whole career in Houston, according to ESPN

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Can you spot the mistake in ESPN's NFL draft chyron for Eddie George? The former Houston Oilers (1996) and Tennessee Titans (1997-2003) running back announced the Titans second-round pick in Friday's NFL draft but the graphics department at the network confused Houston's old team with Houston's new team (which was founded in 2002).

In ESPN's defense, the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans/Houston Texans triumvirate can get confusing. I had to recheck this post multiple times to make sure I had it correct. Also: Eddie George only played for the former Oilers franchise until 2003? And his last year was with the Dallas Cowboys? Doesn't it seem like he was just on the cover of Madden and being the anomaly to the so-called curse?

We're getting old, y'all.

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