Ed Reed said Texans were ‘outplayed and outcoached’ in loss to Cardinals

You can understand if Ed Reed isn't too thrilled with his situation right now. He has been benched as a starter by the Houston Texans, playing a mere 12 defensive snaps (out of a possible 66) in Sunday's 27-24 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Reed appears to regret his decision to sign in the offseason with the Texans, who now have lost seven straight and who deem him not good enough to help them get better, really. He let his feelings come out about Sunday's loss in a chat with ESPN.com's Tania Ganguli:

"Arizona played their best ball," Reed said. "We played really well outside of certain situations. Certain situations, we just got outplayed and outcoached."

In case that wasn't clear-cut enough, Reed expounded.

"If you're watching the game, it's not no-brainers," Reed said. "Certain situations we have to get off the field. We need three-and-out. You have to also come out as an offense and move the ball. We can't go three-and-out and put your defense on the field that quick. That drive that they had, I'm looking at it like guys are a little fatigued because I know if you don't control the ball as much, offensively and defensively, you're going to get fatigued. They're going to get plays.

"Eventually, they're going to figure out what you're doing if you're doing the same old things."

The Texans' predictability has become a local chorus in Houston, and Reed certainly could be called biased because of the coaches' decision to sit him, something he obviously does not agree with. But Reed said he is trying his best to be a good soldier, and yet he can't help but feel that his expertise, experience and knowledge could help matters more on the field.

"I'm just doing what I'm told for the most part," Reed said. "At the same time, I know a lot of football. I know a lot about football. I know a lot about this game. I'm not just watching it blind. The stuff I do know, I can't say to you guys because it is a team sport and I do look at it from a coaching perspective as well. There's lots of soul searching, top to bottom, that needs to be done as coaches and as players."

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