Ed Reed accidentally killed Reggie Wayne's python in college

Don't think just because Ed Reed(notes) and Reggie Wayne(notes) were roommates at The U that the two won't have a score to settle on the field Saturday night in the AFC divisional playoff between the Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts.

Nine years ago, when the All-Pro safety and receiver roomed while playing college football at Miami, Wayne had a pet Burmese python named Law. After getting drafted by the Colts, he left the snake in Reed's care. As a vet, Reed apparently is a good football player. When Wayne returned to Coral Gables on his bye week he found Law looking sick and had to nurse the animal back to health. He then left again, the snake still in Reed's care.

A few days later Wayne got a text message from Reed that read: "Hey, man, Law dead."

Perhaps it was Reed's indifference to an animal Wayne said his friend never really liked or maybe it was the high cost of keeping the thick bodied snake, but Law's death is on Reed.

I'm going to tell myself that the Colts wideout was thinking of this story when the picture above was snapped at the 2007 Pro Bowl (Wayne is on the left -- and, yes, that's a Colts hat Ed Reed is wearing). His body language and facial expression are that of a man clearly still not over the loss of his beloved pet.

Thanks, The Fifth Down

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