Early Super Bowl report: So far, Ravens appear to have the home field advantage

NEW ORLEANS -- The San Francisco 49ers may be Super Bowl XLVII's home team by dint of the NFL's rotation system between NFC and AFC teams, but there's a clear crowd superiority among the Baltimore Ravens fans in the Superdome. Both in number and in sheer volume, Ravens fans were drowning out everything as their team hit the field. When the 49ers were introduced, there was a clear amount of booing you didn't hear from the other side.

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This could affect the 49ers in one very major way — in loud away stadiums, they don't do nearly as much pre-snap motion, which they use better than any other NFL team to set up favorable matchups. I attended their game at the ultra-loud CenturyLink Field in Seattle and saw from the pressbox just how vanilla the 49ers' offense was in comparison with what I'm used to seeing from them. And when they beat the Atlanta Falcons in the Georgia Dome — always a loud place for opposing offenses — San Francisco kept the pre-snap shenanigans to a relative minimum.

It's certainly something to watch throughout the game.

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