Earl Bennett’s star turn in an underwear commercial (VIDEO)

Maggie Hendricks

Chicago Bears wide receiver Earl Bennett found a job to keep him busy in the offseason: modeling underwear. Besides being one of Jay Cutler's favorite targets, he also is a bit of an actor. The video is a bit racy, so press play with care if your boss is around.

Perhaps he won't give up running routes for walking runways anytime soon, but it's not a bad effort for a part-time model. Bennett tweeted to his teammates, asking Cutler, Johnny Knox, Brandon Marshall and Devin Hester who would star in the next ad.

Though none of them have yet told Bennett they would appear onscreen, Cutler commented on the ad on ESPN Chicago's "Waddle and Silvy Show." Referring to Bennett's wife, Cutler said, "I don't know what Keisha's going to say about that!"