Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson proves Darrelle Revis cannot hang with him

Anwar S Richardson
Shutdown Corner

Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson boastfully proclaimed that Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Darrelle Revis could not hang with him on Sunday.

Well, it is not bragging if you can back it up.

Jackson said, “I don’t think he can run with me” when asked about Revis prior to Sunday’s game, and that statement proved to be accurate in the second quarter against Tampa Bay.

Philadelphia faced second-and-8 on Tampa Bay’s 12-yard line when Jackson was matched up against Revis one-on-one. There was a time when opponents would end up missing on “Revis Island” and did not have a chance to score.

Instead, Jackson ran toward the back of the end zone and cut across the field. Revis could not keep up with Jackson’s speed, and Nick Foles threw an easy 12-yard touchdown pass.

After the score, Jackson did his “Cuzin Terio” dance to celebrate.

Jackson definitely won that individual battle against Revis, and there is nothing the cornerback could say.

Of course, it would have been more interesting if Jackson guaranteed a victory against Tampa Bay, too.

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