Eagles quarterback Michael Vick leaves game against Giants after re-aggravating hamstring injury

Anwar S Richardson
Shutdown Corner

It did not take long for Eagles quarterback Michael Vick to sustain yet another injury against the New York Giants on Sunday.

Vick left the game in the second quarter after re-aggravating his hamstring injury. He initially left the game after the injury initially flared up, but was cleared by team doctors to reenter the contest. After giving it a second try, Vick was replaced by backup Matt Barkley.

Even though Vick was not 100 percent ready to play on Sunday, there was a financial incentive for him to try, according to ESPN:

According to numbers first reported by ProFootballTalk.com and confirmed by ESPN, Vick's contract includes incentives based on playing time. If he plays 90 percent of the Eagles' offensive plays, Vick gets $1.5 million in bonus money. There are bonuses based on lower percentages, as well.

That number is likely unreachable now, as Vick has taken 305 of the Eagles' 504 offensive snaps (60.5 percent). Prorated over 16 games, the Eagles would run 1,152 offensive plays. That leaves 648 more plays over the remaining nine games.

To play in 90 percent of 1,152 plays, Vick would have to be on the field for 732 plays –- more than that remaining number. But if Vick were to play in 616 more plays, that would hit the 80-percent mark, which triggers a $1.2 million bonus.

If he were to miss another game, the best Vick could hope for would be the 70-percent mark and a $900,000 bonus.

This is just the latest in a long line of injuries that have plagued Vick throughout his career.

Vick missed two games this season due to a hamstring injury. He was replaced by backup Nick Foles, but the quarterback was not active on Sunday due to a head injury.

However, Vick’s inability to stay healthy will likely contribute to Philadelphia parting ways with their quarterback after this season. He has missed 19 games with the Eagles since joining the team in 2009.

Vick is an unrestricted free agent in 2014, and while he has expressed a desire to remain in Philadelphia, his inability to stay healthy will likely lead to the Eagles relying upon Foles (or a new quarterback not yet on the roster) in the future.

In addition, Vick will turn 34 years old in June, which will make it hard for him to compete for a starting job with another team next season.

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