Lions-Eagles among games being playing in a winter wonderland on Sunday

Everyone who tuned into the Lions game at Philadelphia wondered what the heck happened to the reception on their televisions.

No, their set didn't turn into an old-school black-and-white with the bunny ears, it was just impossible to see either team because of the snow.

A thick, crazy blizzard was pelting Philadelphia at kickoff, making it very difficult to see what was happening on the field. The opening kickoff traveled to about the 20-yard line (was it the 25? The 15? It was impossible to tell on the white field) and came to a sudden rest in a snowbank for the Lions to pick up. At one point in the first quarter, when the officials wanted to measure for a first down, a few workers with leaf blowers came onto the field to blow snow off of the yard lines. An instant replay review of a fumble by Lions running back Joique Bell was hilarious, because on the replay it was nearly impossible to see Bell, the ball, when it came out or anything else.

That game wasn't the only one that was experiencing some weather issues.

Baltimore was playing at home against Minnesota in a significant snowstorm. Not far away, the Redskins were also dealing with a snowy field in their home game against the Redskins. There was also snow coming down heavily in Pittsburgh. Green Bay had a dusting of snow on the ground as well.

Turning the TV to games in places like Tampa Bay and Cincinnati was rather startling, because unlike other games around the country, you could actually see the players.

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