Eagles coach Chip Kelly’s offense was good, but not the best in Week 1

Anwar S Richardson
Shutdown Corner

Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly’s offense received a lot of hype heading into his NFL debut against the Washington Redskins last night.

Kelly’s offense is supposed to reshape the NFL. Defensive coordinators are going to lay awake at night figuring out what to do. And if you listened to the Monday Night Football broadcast, it appeared nobody has ever seen an NFL offense this good.

Let’s pump the brakes and avoid getting out of control.

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Kelly’s offense was definitely entertaining during Philadelphia’s 33-27 win, but it was not the best offensive performance by an NFL team in Week 1. That does not mean Philadelphia’s offense is not good, or Kelly should go back to college. It just means there are other teams which put up great numbers this weekend, but without the hype.

Philadelphia ran 77 offensive plays, which is actually tied for third after the first week (hat tip to Lions reporter Tim Twentyman). New England ran 89 offensive plays during a win against Buffalo; Baltimore ran 87 plays – mostly because it had to – during a loss against Denver, while Detroit ran 77 plays in its win against Minnesota.

The Eagles offense produced 433 yards, but that did number did not crack the top five in Week 1. Denver led the way with 510 yards, followed by San Francisco (494), New York Giants (478), Detroit Lions (469) and Houston Texans (449). Philadelphia was ranked sixth offensively, ahead of New England (431) and New Orleans (419).

Calm down, Eagles fans.

Kelly definitely has a good offense, and Washington struggled early to figure it out. The Redskins eventually had more success, but if Kelly’s team can consistently score, Philadelphia will be a hard team to beat. At least Kelly's offense was successful and not a flop, which would have been an even bigger story.

However, before we crown Kelly as the inventor of offense, just know some teams already have a patent.

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