Dwight Freeney's ankle becomes world's most famous body part

Now up there with Janet Jackson's nipple or Heidi Montag's unmovable face, Dwight Freeney's(notes) ankle is the source of tons of speculation on this Monday morning of Super Bowl week.

It has become the major story for Super Bowl week now. The ankle of the Indianapolis Colts defensive end is injured, and according to Adam Schefter, possibly contains torn ligaments. The Colts say Freeney is questionable; others think his chances of playing are worse than that.

But since no one knows (or will tell) how bad the injury is, it'll be a source of speculation all week.

ESPN employees had asked Peyton Manning(notes) about Freeney's ankle twice Sunday night at the Pro Bowl before halftime was finished. They did this despite the facts that Manning is neither a doctor, nor is he about to say anything remotely interesting, revealing or provocative this week. And he'll have to answer the same question about 78,243 other times before Sunday.

None of this is to say that it's not legitimately a big story. It is. Freeney's a stud, and if he can't go, life gets a lot easier for Saints offensive tackle Jermon Bushrod(notes). Of course, blocking his backup, Raheem Brock(notes), won't be any kind of a picnic, either, but Freeney's spin move is one of the most effective and feared moves in the game.

You might just want to prep yourself mentally for some Dwight Freeney ankle information overload.

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