Dwayne Bowe on the Chiefs bench, Matt Cassel to soon follow?

If nothing else, new head coach Todd Haley has proven that there are no sacred cows in Kansas City. Star receiver Dwayne Bowe was benched (though he might be considered a starter again by now), and now, there are whispers that Matt Cassel(notes) might not be the number one quarterback, either.

Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star filed this tweet yesterday.

Remember that stuff about Brodie Croyle(notes) firmly being the Chiefs' No. 2 QB? Well, now I'm starting to believe he's threatening Cassel's job.

And then filed this one a bit later.

All I'm saying is, Haley made it a point to say today that he's not obligated to play anyone because of a newly minted contract.

And these follow a report on KansasCity.com that highlighted Cassel's poor play during scrimmages and preseason games, and Haley's unwillingness to name him the number one quarterback.

Asked whether Cassel has been the best quarterback in camp, coach Todd Haley deferred.

“I think I’ll hold out on answering that right now,” he said.

Interesting stuff.

As is the case with Bowe, I still find it really difficult to believe that Cassel won't be getting the start when the Chiefs start playing for real on September 13th against Baltimore. I can't claim to have seen either quarterback play in the preseason opener against Houston, but the numbers do paint a certain picture: Cassel was 2-of-5 for 15 yards (3.0 yards per attempt), no touchdowns and no interceptions (though he was victimized by a drop by tight end Sean Ryan(notes)); and Croyle was 12-of-18 for 145 yards (8.1 yards per attempt), no touchdowns and no interceptions.

If anyone's curious about Tyler Thigpen(notes), he went 7-of-14 for 40 yards (2.9 yards per attempt), with one interception, but Thiggers also manufactured the Chiefs' only touchdown of the night. That's right, Thiggers is a touchdown machine.

No matter how you slice this, though, it's not good news for the Chiefs. Even if Cassel stabilizes and outplays Croyle over the last three preseason games, they were expecting a little more than that from Cassel, weren't they? When you give up as much as the Chiefs gave up for the guy, you expect something close to stardom, not him in a tooth-and-nail battle with Brodie Croyle.

The Raiders could end up being the second-best team in that division. I am sad and afraid.

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