Drew Rosenhaus wrestles shark, launches a thousand bad superagent jokes

Drew Rosenhaus, the hyperaggressive and relentlessly self-promoting agent to many NFL stars, apparently decided to do a little shark-wrestling over the weekend. This could have been a worse idea than pitching Terrell Owens as a quality NFL teammate, but thankfully for Rosenhaus, the shark didn't turn feral and bite the living hell out of Rosenhaus. (Game recognize game. Professional courtesy. Ha ha ha.)

Anyway, Rosenhaus has plenty of other fish to fry right now. He's repping both Chad Johnson and Rob Gronkowski, both of whom are making their own waves (get it? GET IT?) in the sports pages these days. Consider this a bit of practice, then, for dealing with NFL GMs and the court system in his battle with DeSean Jackson.

Also, we really shouldn't need to say this, but don't try this at home. Because if you have a shark in your home, you have some big problems and shouldn't be wasting time wrestling it.

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