Drew Brees' wife can handle childbirth on her own, thank you

Drew and Brittany Brees are expecting the arrival of their second child any time now. Brittany's due on October 18th, one day after her husband travels to Florida for a game against the Bucs.

So what happens if Drew is on the field throwing touchdown passes while the stork decides to deliver the baby? Well, Brittany's just going to have to go it alone. From CBS, via Drew Brees' interview to be aired Sunday night on 60 Minutes:

"He's not going to get a call ... He's not going to know," Brittany says. "If I go into labor, I'm going to get the drugs and just pretend everything’s fine."

That's fine by Drew. "Even if she was on her way to the hospital, water had broke, she's about to give birth, she would make up some elaborate story to make me comfortable and at ease," says the 2010 Super Bowl MVP.

Hey, whatever works for them. Maybe it's not the decision everyone would make, but Drew Brees(notes) has made it this far with a beautiful wife, a beautiful family, a Super Bowl trophy, the reverence of an entire region, and even the adoration of Oprah and her minions ... so I'd say he's doing pretty well in the decision-making department.

Ideally, the new bundle of joy will come sometime when Drew can be there, which, I imagine, is any time he isn't playing an actual game. Best wishes to the happy couple.

Gracias, Deadspin.