Drew Brees is befuddled, wants an explanation for Payton’s suspension

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The reactions are starting to pour in about the hammer of justice with which Roger Goodell just smashed Sean Payton's face. Perhaps no reaction will be more important than that of Saints star quarterback Drew Brees. He just hit Twitter with his thoughts.

Well, let me save Roger Goodell a phone call. Sean Payton was suspended for a year because this bounty fiasco happened at a time when Roger Goodell was concerned about the league being perceived as being proactive in the area of player safety. It's important for him to be seen as a commissioner that's hellbent on protecting players.

Whether or not he actually is hellbent on protecting players is another story entirely. But for the purposes of answering Drew Brees' question, it's not particularly relevant.

On the NFL Network just after the Payton suspension was announced, Goodell also seemed pretty annoyed that the Saints (allegedly) originally lied about their bounty system and tried to cover it up. Maybe that was a factor in the severity, too.

And while we're on the subject of Brees, it's fair to wonder how this affects him, too.

Brees is currently unhappy with the team. He wants a long-term contract extension while the team is offering him only the one-year franchise tag. Will Brees be less inclined to return to a team that doesn't have Sean Payton? Will he be more inclined to return to a team that will need his leadership more than ever?

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