Dramatically distraught Redskins fan whines about not getting autographs

Hey there, NFL fans. You ready for some football? Of course. We all are. So very, very much. But you've got to keep your sanity. Don't let what happened to this lady happen to you.

We don't know who this young lady is, and it's probably better we don't mention her name. But she's clearly a big, borderline obsessive fan of the Washington Redskins, and she posted this selfie video to YouTube to tell the world just how upset she is that she couldn't get any autographs from any players. The way she's carrying on, you'd think the Redskins skinned her cat or something, but no, apparently they just didn't walk down to her section of the fence. Yeah.

Now, it's entirely possible, even likely, that this whole thing is staged in an attempt to, say, get the Redskins to pony up some signed swag or set up a personal meet-and-greet with RG3. And if that's the case, Washington, don't give in. Don't make deals with emotional terrorists.

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Like duckfaces, filming yourself watching big games, and asking celebrities on out dates, we can see the Dramatically Distraught Fan Selfie becoming a very overplayed meme very quickly. So let this be your warning, YouTube weepers: if you do this, you're going to be subjected to the tender mercies of Internet commenters. And trust us, they don't have much sympathy for your plight.

Plus: crying over the Redskins? Really? You're new to this game, aren't you, ma'am?

[Via Deadspin]

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