There’s drama over whether Tony Romo will play in Hall of Fame game, because it’s the Cowboys

The preseason is too long. The reason it's still four games is because the owners want to charge you, dear reader, full price for those extra exhibition games in your season-ticket package.

So we already have at least a couple preseason games we could do away with, which makes a fifth preseason game for two lucky teams even more unimportant. And that makes the brewing drama around Tony Romo and whether he'll play in the Hall of Fame game really, really weird.

Only in Dallas, folks.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said on 105.3 The Fan that Romo might not play the Hall of Fame game on Aug. 4 against Miami.

“It’s one of those deals where I suppose he could play five plays or whatever, but we might lean to no plays,’’ Garrett said to 105.3 The Fan.

This makes sense. No need getting Romo hurt. Still four preseason games to go, and even that's way too much. Whether he hands off twice and throws one short curl route before calling it a night in Canton won't matter one bit to his 2013 season. It's absolutely insignificant.

Oh, but wait. Unnamed sources close to Romo told that Romo wants to play in the Hall of Fame game, even if for a short bit. Yes, we actually have sources leaking that Romo wants to play in the utterly meaningless Hall of Fame game. The only reason this actually matters is now it becomes a public power struggle between a coach on the hot seat and the franchise quarterback.

How toxic is the Cowboys organization right now that something as utterly unimportant as whether Romo will play four or five plays in a fifth preseason game causes "sources close to the quarterback" to undermine something the coach just said? Now it's a story. If Romo doesn't play, there might be rumblings he's unhappy. If he plays, Garrett has been undermined publicly. All over a handful of snaps in the Hall of Fame game.

At least the Cowboys always give us something to talk about.

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