I don't know what's wrong with Clinton Portis, but I love it

I could tell you about the four new alter-egos that Clinton Portis has created for himself, but there would be no point. You can't have someone describe genius to you ... you have to witness genius first-hand.

Dr. Do Itch Big seems to be a fan favorite, but there's not one of them that I don't adore. If I have to pick one, Bud Foxx is my guy, but every single one of them made me chuckle, shake my head, and say, "I freakin' love Clinton Portis."

My only concern is that Clinton's running through some great characters now, instead of saving them for the season. Something tells me, though, that the well of absurdity in Clinton Portis's mind isn't in danger of running dry anytime soon.

Kudos to Rich Eisen, too. The only other studio host I can think of who could pull off the straight-man routine so perfectly is Ernie Johnson. That's nice company for Eisen to be in.

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