Donovan McNabb didn't know that NFL games could end in ties

Donovan McNabb's team tied the Cincinnati Bengals yesterday, an outcome which came as a complete surprise to the 10-year NFL veteran:

What did ... I mean ... how can ... wow. That's it, wow. He didn't know that games could end in a tie. You know who knows that games can end in ties? Everyone. Even Tony Siragusa knows that. Yet a quarterback who has led his team to four NFC Championship Games and one Super Bowl didn't know. I mean, it's not like the referee says it before every overtime session! (And to those who think he's joking, he's not. Donovan laughs at his own jokes more than Jon Stewart; his demeanor was far too serious for that to be a joke, despite what his inevitable excuse is today.)

What did Donovan think that "T" section in the standings was next to the "W" and "L"? Was he confused when he had to run a hurry up offense with two minutes left? And in 2002, when his team played the 9-6-1 Falcons in the playoffs, did McNabb think those numbers represented the Atlanta area code?

Maybe athletes' lack of knowledge about the sports they play is more widespread than we know. (This would explain Joe Morgan.) A friend of mine who played college football had no clue that there wasn't a two-minute warning in the college game. But I just emailed him and even he knew that NFL games end in ties.

Video courtesy Awful Announcing

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