Donald Trump wishes ‘Bob’ Belichick the best of luck on Twitter

As you go into one of the most important work-related events in your recent history, what could possibly give you more confidence than a little Twitter pick-me-up from Donald Trump?

The Donald, everybody's favorite birther, is also an inveterate New England Patriots fan, and as you can see above, he had a few social media niceties for his favorite team as they prepared to take on the Houston Texans in an extremely important "Monday Night Football" game:

Good Luck to Bob Kraft, Tom Brady and Coach Bob Belichick tonight.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 10, 2012

Left out of Trump's best wishes for some reason: Tight end Aaron Rodriguez, defensive tackle Vance Wilfork, and everyone's favorite Boston Celtic, Bob Talib.

The best part? The tweet has been up for a couple hours, and Trump (or whoever tweets for Trump) hasn't bothered to edit it. When The Donald changes your name, however inadvertently, we suppose you should consider it changed.

Trump has an interesting history with the Pats -- he's a friend to Robert Kraft, the team's owner, so it's a good thing he got THAT name right. He was in the team's locker room following New England's overtime win over the New York Jets in October, and he's been known to land his Trumpcopter on the Pats' practice field.

What "Bob" Belichick will do with this the next time he talks to Trump, we do not know. But given Belichick's focus on details, safe to say Trump will get some grief over it.

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