Donald Trump shows up in Patriots’ victorious locker room

When he's not promoting himself through various media outlets, tweeting some really weird stuff about Barack Obama, and no doubt watching his own cameos in the otherwise outstanding "The Men Who Built America" miniseries, noted rich guy Donald Trump finds time to root for his kind of team -- the kind of team that always wins.

Thus, the Donald's presence in Bill Belichick's locker room after the New England Patriots beat the New York Jets, 29-26, in overtime last Sunday.

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Actually, it seems that Trump is tight with Pats owner Robert Kraft and Jets scion Woody Johnson; he just had to head to the winning locker because ... well, he's a winner. Just ask him.

"Major grudge match this weekend between @nyjets@Patriots," Trump tweeted last Wednesday. "I have a dilemma, I am good friends w/ both Woody Johnson & Bob Kraft--two amazing men."

It's not known what Trump thinks about Tim Tebow (there's your namecheck), but we do know that he's no fan of Michael Vick's.

Ah, Donald, an original thinker, just like always. Trump was involved in the USFL in the 1980s (many believe that he pretty much killed the league) and one wonders if there's a desire for more than friendship with NFL team owners under that interesting toupee of his.

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