Dolphins sign Larry Johnson to help with short-yardage issues

Shutdown Corner

Why would the Dolphins need help in short-yardage situations? Let's check out some of the action from Friday night's preseason game against the Panthers.

So there's the problem. To address it, the Dolphins have signed Larry Johnson -- yes, that Larry Johnson, the one who hasn't carried an NFL football since the Redskins cut him after two weeks of the 2010 season -- to help.

I'm going to hold off on ordering my 2011 Pro Bowl Larry Johnson jersey. I'll probably do the same for Daniel Thomas and Reggie Bush, because if they were performing at a level that Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano had deemed acceptable, the Dolphins wouldn't be signing Larry flippin' Johnson on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Miami let Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams walk as free agents, and gave Reggie Bush a two-year deal worth $9.75 million.

Johnson's 2010 totals with the Redskins were five carries and 2 yards. He split 2009 between the Chiefs and Bengals, not being particularly productive for either of them. It's also interesting to note that the Dolphins had worked out Clinton Portis and Tiki Barber recently, too.

Johnson would be the only one of that group known as a pure power runner, which points again to short-yardage duty. It might also point to Tiki Barber and Clinton Portis being in a whole lot of trouble in finding a spot on somebody's depth chart.

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