Dolphins rookie demonstrates the way to carry shoulder pads

Take note, Dez Bryant(notes): This is the way a rookie is supposed to carry shoulder pads off the field.

After completing practice on Sunday afternoon, Miami Dolphins rookie Travis Ivey(notes) walked to the locker room with three sets of shoulder pads perched on his shoulders, an effective, economical approach to the rookie hazing ritual.

On his way off the field, Ivey talked about his fashion statement to reporters, who first had to ask who they were talking to underneath all those pads:

"My shoulders are tired. [The veterans] don't always make me do it every day, but we took our pads off, so I'm pretty sure they don't want to pick them up again.

"I don't blame them. I wouldn't pick mine back up either. That's just what you're supposed to do. They just left it out there so somebody's supposed to pick them up."

That's a refreshing approach to see after Bryant, the rookie Cowboys receiver, tried to change decades of NFL hazing tradition after his first three hours in the league.

Ivey went undrafted after his college career at Maryland and isn't expected to make the Dolphins final roster (making his situation a bit different than Bryant, who figures to be a big part of the Dallas offense this year). However, given his size, strength and helpfulness in equipment toting, he could be a candidate for the team's practice squad.

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