Dolphins to honor Tebow before game vs. Broncos. Wait, what?

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Imagine that your local professional football team organizes a ceremony to honor a recent national championship by a nearby college team. That doesn't sound like a bad idea, does it?

No, of course, not. Unless ...

• The beloved star of the college team you're honoring now plays for the team that will be attempting to beat the home team that day;

• You're essentially inviting a horde of fans of that beloved college star to attend your game, where they could end up rooting against the home team, because of their passionate allegiance to said beloved star;

• Your stadium also serves as the home field of a different college team, which happens to hate the college team you're honoring that day, and those fans could end up booing the hell out of the other college team's celebration.

This is the plan the Miami Dolphins have, though, and they're sticking to it. On Oct. 23, when Tim Tebow and the Broncos visit, the Dolphins will be honoring the 2008 national champion Florida Gators. That was Tebow's team. And they'll be doing all this in a stadium that is also home to the Miami Hurricanes, and the Miami Hurricanes do not like the Florida Gators.

Here are two columns -- one Denver-based, and the other Miami-based -- that absolutely hate the idea.

I think it's genius. With all the attention that Tim Tebow receives, despite the fact that he's the third- or fourth-best quarterback on the Broncos roster, there's bound to be a little resentment bubbling for him within the Broncos locker room. If you're the Dolphins, why not have a great big party honoring Tebow and stoke the flames a little bit? See if you can get Kyle Orton to punch Tim Tebow in the face.

Then maybe they'd trade you Kyle Orton. At the very least, they'd have a big team distraction to deal with.

I'm pretty sure the Dolphins are just thinking that they want to sell some tickets, though. But I prefer to think it's part of a sinister plan hatched by Tony Sparano.

It's worth noting that the Dolphins also wanted to have a day celebrating the 10-year anniversary of a Miami Hurricanes national championship, too. Miami declined, saying that they don't want to celebrate anything, since they're so awash in shame right now they have their own celebration planned.

Again, that's Oct. 23. It could be an interesting day at Sun Life Stadium.

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