Does Andy Reid still wish he was in Philadelphia? Jamaal Charles apparently thinks so

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Andy Reid is off to a strong start in his new job at head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. They are 2-0 after having suffered through a miserable 2-14 season a year ago.

And everyone knows what happens Thursday. Reid returns to Philadelphia, where he had 14 mostly great seasons as the Eagles' head coach.

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The Chiefs' players want to win badly for their new coach. And Reid, though he might deny it, certainly would take some special joy from beating his old team on primetime. But among the more interesting quotations that have come from this matchup was one from Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles, who told ESPN:

"It means a lot, so I hope we go out there and play for our coach," Charles told Ed Werder on Sunday. "You know what I'm saying? I know he has a lot of love for his Eagles, he worked there a lot of years and he probably wishes he was still coaching there."

Well, now. Now that could be Charles, still out of breath from a win over the Cowboys, speaking without really thinking it through. It's not likely that Reid told Charles as much. Maybe Charles, like the rest of us, is still getting used to seeing Reid in red. Reid certainly seems happy and reinvigorated in his new job. But it is an interesting choice of words, and it could reflect disappointment and some bitter feelings with the way Reid's tenure ended in Philadelphia.

On Tuesday, Reid spoke via conference call with Philly area media and had some interesting nuggets to offer. In his own, thickly veiled way, of course.

We love this answer:

And Vick apparently still has strong feelings about Reid:

We all know that once the game starts, it will be about the Eagles vs. the Chiefs, and Reid trying to match wits with (and slow down) Chip Kelly. It should be a great game, perhaps more entertaining than recent Thursday nighters. But with the added context of Charles' comments, there's just a little extra barbecue sauce — or is it cheese? — on this one.

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