Dockett brings feelings about Cards to Twitterverse

Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett(notes), one of the best players at his position, has never been shy about expressing his feelings. This was never more true than during Friday's free agency bonanza, when Dockett had to say good-bye to several teammates who helped him come very close to a Super Bowl win not too long ago. Dockett already knew that his team would be without the services of the retired Kurt Warner(notes), and safety Antrel Rolle's(notes) contract was going to get him booted out of town, but losing receiver Anquan Boldin(notes) in a trade to the Baltimore Ravens and linebacker Karlos Dansby to the Dolphins ... well, not only will you need a scorecard to know the players in Arizona next year, but it certainly appears as if the Cards are conceding to the rebuilding notion and are starting over without a great deal of their recent talent.

As was displayed on his Twitter account through most of the day, Dockett was NOT happy about it. The first inklings of dissatisfaction came after word of Julius Peppers'(notes) ginormous contract signing with the Chicago Bears, which brought up Dockett's feelings about his own worth: "Julius peppers got so much damn money he should buy a small country or his own island! #imjustsaying"

It all went downhill from there. There was, "#Shoutout to all the NFL teams that's spending money to get better!";

"The rams go after Mc Nabb, 49ers got 2 1st rd picks, seattle trying to get WR Marshall and TE watson! Mann! *tapping my feet* *rollingeyes*";

"What is going on HEEEEEERRRRRE! I'm on my way to the BAR! Not only am I getting a Double I'm gonna get A KEG!!! #PISSED";

"Karlos Dansby to the dolphins (( bartender give Me another one)) #birdgang is over " congrats to the. Dolphins they got a damn good player!";

"Mann losing all the guys that helped build A program from nothing hurts bad, I'm gonna miss #13 #81 #58 #92 and now only hope I GOT ( #21)?", and my personel favorite:

"#why #why #why #why #why #why #why #why #why #why #why #why #why #why #why #why #why #why #why #why #why#why #why #why #why #why #why #why"

Well, that about sums it up. You can't blame Dockett, really. Nobody likes it when their team seems to slip from the desire to be truly competitive, especially if he's made to feel as if he'll be the last one in the room from the teams he knew. Dockett flies off the handle at times, but the desire to be great shows up here:

"I'd take a paycut to keep antrell rolle #21!!! I don't know if it would help much but I will!!---> iiiii WAAAAANNNNAAA WiiiiiiiiiiNNNN!!!!

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