Did the Cleveland Browns accidentally leak their free-agent board?

The Browns' free-agent whiteboard? (<span class="p-nickname"><a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="https://twitter.com/DawgsByNature" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:@DawgsByNature">@<b>DawgsByNature</b></a>)</span>

Browns whiteboard

The Browns' free-agent whiteboard? (@DawgsByNature)

The Cleveland Browns are on a tear this offseason. They seriously are a beat writer's dream.

From firing coaches and front-office personnel to admitting prior draft mistakes to making more flashy signings, there is always something to write about.

And now there's this.

As GM Ray Farmer was coming out of the press conference to announce the signings of three defensive free agents they signed on Wednesday, someone snapped a picture. Behind Farmer was a whiteboard with the names of several prospective free agents.

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Have a look for yourself

This is amazing stuff. Even if some guy on a tour of the Browns' facility came in and scribbled those names up there, we still can have fun with this.

Alterraun Verner's name is crossed off; he signed with Tampa Bay. But he has brackets (or are those French braces?) around his name, as does the Bills' Arthur Moats and the Patriots' Julian Edelman. Hmm, two good players.

But good lord ...

What in the world is Rex Grossman's name doing up there? The Browns just cut Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell today ... and they are going to replace one of their spots with Grossman? If someone made that joke, sans photo, on Twitter they'd be ridiculued for being overly fatuous and dated. But good lord, this is real life! The fact that Grossman is in the same column as Darrelle Revis' name is just gut-bustingly awesome.

UPDATE: The Browns say it wasn't a leak, as Pro Football Talk explained:

A Browns spokesman told PFT that the list is maintained by employees of the team website’s video department. Based only on external reporting and speculation and not on actual information from the football operations, the employees keep a list of players for whom video needs to be ready in the event a visit or a signing with the Browns occurs.

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