So what did Richard Sherman say to Michael Crabtree? Now we know thanks to ‘Sound FX’

So now we know at least one piece of the puzzle for this Richard Sherman controversy: What exactly the Seahawks cornerback said to San Francisco receiver Michael Crabtree after he patted him on the rear, leading to Crabtree pushing him away.

Sherman made one of the plays of the season, batting a pass intended for Crabtree in the end zone that was intercepted by linebacker Malcolm Smith, sealing the NFC championship. That's when the fun started.

Sherman went up to Crabtree and said something. He later gave the choke sign to 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and gave an interview to Fox's Erin Andrews that people are still talking about.

Sherman wore a microphone for the game, and so his words to Crabtree were featured on "Sound FX."

"Hell of a game! Hell of a game!" Sherman said, before Crabtree pushed his face mask.

Now, whether you think that was Sherman being sincere or passively aggressive in his taunting of Crabtree, that's up to you. But now we know what he said to him at least.

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