Did the Jets dial back Tim Tebow’s debut?

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. —  Last week, New York Jets owner Woody Johnson said that "you can never have too much Tebow." His coaching staff doesn't seem to agree.

The much anticipated and certainly over-hyped debut of Tim Tebow with the New York Jets on Sunday afternoon was anything but the big splash that many would have predicted. Tebow and the Wildcat offense was a relatively low-key part of the Jets' 48-28 win over the Buffalo Bills, to the tune of just five carries for 11 yards.

It was so underwhelming in fact that Tebow was booed at one point during the third quarter when he ran onto the field to take a snap out of the Wildcat, such was the rather plebeian effort from the specialty package. Tebow, who completed 46.5 percent of his passes last season in Denver, didn't throw a single pass and the Jets just might be fine with that.

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Given that the Jets raced out to a 21-0 lead, there was little reason for them to utilize the Wildcat with the game well in hand. Wearing a diamond-studded cross around his neck during his postgame access, Tebow smiled and answered "Who knows?" when asked if the Jets opened up their full Wildcat scheme on Sunday.

"I felt like we did pretty good; I felt we had efficient plays, all but one. At the same time we'd love to get one of those and break one of those," Tebow said. "Good communication, good out of the huddle. We were efficient for the most part."

Efficiency may have been enough from this game, especially with a crucial road test next Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers followed by a home game against the San Francisco 49ers. There was no need to go overboard in using the Wildcat and ruining the element of surprise.

Jets head coach Rex Ryan was overall pleased with the implementation of the Wildcat on Sunday after not utilizing it at all during preseason. Perhaps the offense had a bigger than anticipated impact on the game, with the Bills forced to prepare all week for the Tebow package, taking away valuable practice time from their readying for the Jets' more traditional base offense.

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Starting quarterback Mark Sanchez was the beneficiary of this uncertainty from the Bills, going 19 for 27 for 266 yards with three touchdowns and an interception.

"They did a nice job against the Wildcat, but it is something you have to prepare for. Whether it is one snap or 20 or 50, we had that flexibility in your system where we could use it," Ryan said. "Sometimes it's about the preparation as much time as that team spent on the Wildcat, maybe it took away from some other preparation. We have that ability and certainly we can do a lot more out of it as well."

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