Did Jackie Battle deserve a $21,000 fine for lowering his head while running the ball? Watch and decide

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The first couple weeks of the NFL season came and went without any mention of a controversial offseason rule that outlawed a runner from lowering his head to deliver a blow with the crown of his helmet.

Someone had to be the first to get fined over that rule, and that unlucky back is Tennessee's Jackie Battle.

Battle lowered his head and hit Houston defensive back Danieal Manning last week. He wasn't penalized. Then on Thursday he found out he had been given a $21,000 fine.

“I didn’t expect it,” Battle said Friday, according to the AP. “I thought it was a perfectly legal play. I’ve been running like that my whole career, so I didn’t think they’d get me for it. It came yesterday. I couldn’t even eat lunch. It made me sick.”

Defenders complain that they are fined at a much higher rate than offensive players, but Battle sounded like a defensive player when he said he would not change his style, even after he was fined.

“I’ve got to protect myself,” he told AP. “If somebody’s going to go low on me, I’ve got to get low too. The low man wins. I’m not going to change the way I run one bit.”

So what do you think? Was Battle's run worth a $21,000 fine?

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