Did Deion Sanders stop the Pro Bowl streaker from getting arrested?

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Did Deion Sanders stop the Pro Bowl streaker from getting arrested?
Did Deion Sanders stop the Pro Bowl streaker from getting arrested?



When Katrina Torres hopped a wall and ran onto the Pro Bowl field Sunday night, she wasn't doing to seek attention for herself. Rather, Torres told a Honululu television station that she was doing it to put a smile on the face of a cousin named Gary who had been paralyzed in a motorcycle accident and always dreamed of attending the Pro Bowl.

She even had "I did it for Gary" written on her back.

But no matter how noble Torres' gesture was, Aloha Stadium security still had a duty to run her down in a pursuit that was captured by plenty of smartphones in the stands. Once Torres was apprehended though, she was simply banned from the stadium for a year and no charges were pressed.

Torres believes that Deion Sanders, the former NFL star who was coaching one of the Pro Bowl squads, had some input on the light slap on the wrist she received.

From KHON2.com:

After security guards caught her, team captain Deion Sanders heard her story and came to the rescue.

“Deion Sanders came running behind us and he’s like, ‘Hey don’t arrest her. That [tribute] was really cool. Just don’t arrest her. If you arrest her, I’m gonna bail her right out,’” Torres said.

Torres says she was ready to go to jail if she had to, knowing that if it made her cousin smile, it would have been worth it.

According to Torres, her cousin Gary was watching the whole scene on television from his home in New Mexico. Though he is unable to speak, it was clear he was moved by Torres' tribute.

"He was just smiling a lot and he was just fist pumping," Torres told KHON. "[My relatives] said as soon as we saw you jump, his face just lit up and he was just fist pumping and stuff so that made it so worth it for me."

Here's video of Torres making her run:

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