Did the Broncos sneak a Papa John’s plug into Peyton Manning’s audibles against the Eagles?

Shutdown Corner

Peyton Manning's audibles are a never-ending source of amusement, unless you happen to be on a defensive line waiting for him to snap the darn ball. He rants and raves like a Southern preacher, as much trying to lull the defense to sleep as plot strategy on the fly. But on Sunday, we had something decidedly different. As you can hear in the video above, somebody's hollering "Papa John's!" right before the snap.

Now, it's not Peyton, that much is clear. But it was apparently center Manny Ramirez making the call, and given the fact that Manning's association with Papa John's is well known and (presumably) lucrative, it's not a far stretch to figure out where the incentive for such a call might have come from. The only question now is how much pizza Ramirez is getting out of the deal.

We look forward to the Eagles' FedEx Delivery offensive schemes matching up against the Giants' Brinks defensive package, backed with a Charmin cleanup alignment in the secondary. You know it's coming.

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