Dez Bryant’s T-shirt pokes fun at work ethic concerns

Chris Chase

Nobody doubts Dez Bryant's talent, yet there are occasional whispers that the talented wide receiver may not have the best work ethic. On Wednesday, Bryant addressed those concerns through T-shirt writing.

According to The Dallas Morning News, the Dallas Cowboys receiver walked through a throng of reporters at team headquarters on Wednesday wearing this Nike shirt:

That's some good work by Dez, even though the joke may hit a little too close to home. He should be prepared to run out each pass route at full speed for the rest of the season, lest some in the media poke fun at his "lazy" joke with real-world examples. Heck, I'm already preparing a blog for Christmas Eve that features two clips; one of Bryant making an insane touchdown grab and another of him jogging on a fourth-quarter pass play that eventually gets intercepted. These things practically write themselves!

By the way, anyone else find it weird that Nike makes a shirt with that slogan? It doesn't really fit with the "just do it" ethos the company likes to promote. "Lazy but talented" reads like some ironic hipster T-shirt that somebody would wear during a "Real World/Road Rules Challenge" or unironically at a party with Fred Davis and Trent Williams.

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