Dez Bryant's latest passionate performance comes against refs, draws flag

Last week, cameras captured Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant apparently losing his mind on his teammates and coaches, blasting them as the Cowboys were losing to Detroit. As it turned out, Bryant was offering up messages of support and inspiration to his teammates, albeit at high, annoying volume. 

Sunday against Minnesota, Bryant was at it again, only this time he decided to let the referees know what he thought:

Bryant took off his helmet and persisted in making his passionate argument:

Finally, quarterback Tony Romo had seen enough:

Bryant wasn't the only Cowboy to commit ref abuse. Check out Tony Romo tagging a stripe while trying to throw away the ball late in the game:

The Cowboys would survive Bryant's mouth to win 27-23 on a last-minute throw by Romo. So perhaps there's something to this Bryant passion after all. 


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