Dez Bryant blows up on the sideline at Tony Romo and other teammates (Video)

The great Detroit-Dallas game on Sunday had a sideshow: Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant going insane on the sideline arguing with his teammates.

In the third quarter, Fox showed a replay of Bryant yelling at quarterback Tony Romo, who was on the bench. The argument went on for an extended period, with Romo seemingly saying very little back as Bryant screamed at him. Then late in the fourth quarter, Bryant was screaming again on the sideline, and tight end Jason Witten confronted him. Bryant was obviously angry, Witten got heated too, and DeMarcus Ware stepped in between the two Cowboys stars.

Bryant caught just three passes, and two went for touchdowns. It's possible he was not happy he wasn't getting the ball enough, which wouldn't be new for a NFL receiver.

Bryant's past makes the sideline blowup a little more troubling. He slid in the draft because of character issues, but had gotten past that to become one of the elite players in the NFL.

However, the arguments on the sideline with his teammates was not a great look for Bryant.

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