Devin Hester will soon say too-da-loo to the Da Hess

Trust me when I tell you this: The 'Da Hess," Devin Hester's(notes) nickname for the signature (literally) mohawk haircut he sported in the Bears' opening win against the Lions will never be a trending fashion.

That said, when Hester spends four years growing his hair out and over 90 minutes getting it braided to perfection, you would think he'd be planning on rocking it for a few games.

Nope, the Bears' all-purpose player said the locks will be gone before you know it, but wanted to do something a little different to start the 2010 season. After looking at his stats on opening day (one catch for 17 yards), you'd think a change might not be a bad move.

OK, is it just me, or does he look a little like a dinosaur with that 'do? I'm thinking Triceratops, but I'm not totally sure that is the right one. With Tom Brady's(notes) flop and Hester's 'hawk, it seems haircuts are as popular in the NFL as fade patterns.

Photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune.