The Detroit Lions and Pacman Jones could use each other

The Detroit Lions, having observed Pacman Jones at his recent workout, are considering adding him to their roster.

According to Pacman's agent, Pacman was spectacular at the workout, but again, that's his agent, and agents are slightly less objective than mothers. But no one's come out and said that Pacman was horrible, either, and the Lions are at least one team with some interest. At the very least, I think it can be assumed that he didn't completely embarrass himself.

The Lions are taking some more time to "gather information" on Pacman, which is good, because if Matt Millen was still in charge, Pacman would probably already have been signed to a seven-year, $134 million, fully-guaranteed deal. While they wait, I have noticed a lack of a wild stampede of other teams interested in signing Pacman.

Detroit fits perfectly, for a lot of reasons. On the football side of things, the Lions have a huge need for a cornerback -- even an average one -- and this would reunite Pacman with Jim Schwartz, under whom Pacman played his best football in Tennessee. Schwartz knows his capabilities and limitations, and in what systems he can excel. If Pacman is to ever succeed again, Schwartz is his best shot at it.

I like the fit poetically, too. The Lions, to be kind, have not been winners. They've turned themselves into a football outpost; an attractive destination only if you've got nowhere else to go. They are Denny's at 3 a.m. on a Saturday night.

They're desperate to get back, though, just like Pacman. They both want to put their pasts behind them. It seems fitting that they'd meet, shake hands, and say, "You've had problems, and I've had problems, but here we are. We can help one another. Let's try to move forward and see if we can't improve ourselves together." They might just need each other.

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