Desmond Bishop looks for stolen Super Bowl jersey while cop goes on vacation

Linebacker Desmond Bishop has enough on his plate, trying to make the Vikings' roster, that he doesn't need this.

Bishop tweeted out Tuesday morning that someone apparently has stolen his Super Bowl XLV jersey from when he was on the Packers three years ago. Worse yet: Bishop claims that the investigating officer is taking time off.

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No word yet on whether the cop is in Russia, talking to Vladimir Putin, accused ring thief.

Thinking about the thief for a minute, assuming Bishop didn't misplace the jersey under a spare bed or something ... is this the kind of thing that easily can be sold? Not that a Super Bowl-worn jersey isn't a valuable item, but it might be a bit hard to sell unless the guy who took it has a really good black-market fence for sports memorabilia. It's not like there wouldn't be serious questions about where the one-of-a-kind item came from, now that Bishop has reported it stolen and announced it to his nearly 60,000 followers on Twitter. Naturally, if you see a listing for a Bishop jersey, approach with caution and suspicion.

Hopefully, Bishop can locate his goods and get back to work. He admits to feeling rusty this preseason but is hopeful to see more snaps with the first-team defense in the upcoming preseason game against the 49ers. Since getting cut by the Packers, Bishop has been running a lot with the second- and third-team defense in Minnesota in his bid to come back from a serious ruptured hamstring injury.

If he doesn't impress, the Vikings could be the next one to steal his jersey — and his playbook — from him when he's cut.

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