DeSean Jackson's unfortunate word choice: Eagles 'like pit bulls'

The Philadelphia Eagles came out in the first quarter Monday night and rained furious hell upon the hapless Redskins.

Led by a historically great performance by Michael Vick(notes), the offense ran up 28 points and cruised for 328 yards of offense in the first quarter. The defense allowed the Redskins nothing.

[Photos: More DeSean Jackson]

How do you describe a tenacious, overwhelming performance like that? Well, DeSean Jackson found one interesting way, referencing a pregame shoving match with several Redskins (from USA Today):

"The pregame altercation got us going. It had us ready. We came back into the locker room pumped," Jackson said, via the AP.

"We were like pit bulls, ready to get out of the cage."

Please pause right here to approximate the awkward silence that must have followed Jackson's last sentence.

There is, of course, no reason to hold anything against DeSean Jackson(notes) here. People compare fights and fighters to pit bulls all the time, because when provoked to fight, the breed often shows a natural tenacity and stubborn refusal to quit fighting.

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It's a figure of speech. Nothing more. It's one that might make conversations regarding Michael Vick a little uncomfortable, but still, just a figure of speech.

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