DeSean Jackson settles on a new number for Washington Redskins

Once DeSean Jackson and/or Robert Griffin III figured out that for Jackson to get No. 10 with the Redskins, someone needed to pay for all the unsold Griffin jerseys in circulation so Griffin could switch numbers, any chance Jackson had of getting the number he wore with the Eagles ended abruptly.

Jackson joked about getting No. 10 on Wednesday, but the NFL has a rule in place that any player wanting to switch numbers or names on his jersey has to pay for all the unsold league-licensed jerseys on the market. There are a lot of Griffin jerseys out there. 

Instead, the Redskins' newest receiver will just double up his college No. 1. Jackson will wear jersey No. 11 with the Redskins. Done and done.

The Redskins did have a quarterback change numbers to appease a new receiver, but Griffin or Jackson weren't involved.

Receiver Andre Roberts, who came over from Arizona, wanted No. 12. The problem was that quarterback Kirk Cousins already had it. But, because Cousins didn't have the same issue of paying for his league-licensed jerseys in circulation, the players worked out a deal. Roberts will donate $12,000 to the Kirk Cousins Football Camp, and will get No. 12, according to the Redskins' website. Cousins will switch to his college number, which is No. 8. Done and done. 

So everyone is happy, presumably. Especially everyone who has bought a No. 10 Griffin jersey since he joined the Redskins.

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