Denver's Brandon Marshall trolls fans who think he's Chicago's Brandon Marshall

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Brandon Marshall, Brandon Marshall.
Brandon Marshall, Brandon Marshall.

Many people have Brandon Marshall on their fantasy teams. Brandon Marshall was limited by an injured ankle in Monday night's game, catching only one pass for six yards. Many people took to Twitter to complain to Marshall, during the game, that he needed to get his act in gear and score them some points.

Only problem: they were screaming at the wrong Brandon Marshall. And this Brandon Marshall had no problem giving grief right back to the fans.

Yes, there are two Brandon Marshalls, one who plays wide receiver for the Bears, and another who plays linebacker for the Broncos. Bear Marshall is one of the NFL's top receivers, a multi-time Pro Bowler who ranked high in most fantasy drafts. Bronco Marshall is a bit less heralded, a linebacker who's played only a handful of games for the Broncos and Jaguars, though he's coming off a 12-tackle performance Sunday.

Bronco Marshall even notes on his Twitter page that he's not Bear Marshall, but no one ever said the loudest fans on the Internet were also the most observant. It began innocently enough, with Bronco Marshall realizing people were mistaking him for Bear Marshall:

 And then he doubled down, replying directly to fans who couldn't pick up on the obvious:

 And you know there were people who believed that. Some tweeters tried to insult Bronco Marshall:

Probably a sound assessment. (Update: @52JMJ is a college teammate of Marshall's, and obviously in on the joke.) Even better was when fans threw out accusations of selfishness:

Of course, the best tweets are the ones that can't be reprinted in a family publication, as Bronco Marshall tweaks those profane fans who are desperately screaming for him to get back on the field. Well done, sir.

The Bears are scheduled to play the Broncos in Chicago in 2015. At that point, there's a very good chance we will see Brandon Marshall tackling Brandon Marshall. When that happens, there's a decent chance the universe could collapse in on itself and cease to exist, so, you know, make your peace now.

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