Broncos safety Quinton Carter faces felony charges after casino accuses him of cheating

This is a "where do we start?" type of story.

Here's the news: Denver Broncos safety Quinton Carter is facing felony charges after a Nevada casino accused him of cheating at a craps game, according to the Associated Press.

According to the AP report of the charges, Carter didn't exactly get George Clooney, Brad Pitt and friends together to rob the Bellagio for this caper. Oh, no, if the charges are true, this was amateur hour at its finest.

Here's the key news, from the AP:

Carter, 24, was arrested late Saturday at the Texas Station casino in North Las Vegas after security officials reported he was videotaped adding a $5 chip to three bets after the dice already rolled, according to a police report. Carter denied wrongdoing when police arrived.

A Broncos spokesman told AP the team is “in the process of gathering more information.” According to an update by AP, Carter proclaimed his innocence via Twitter:

"Regarding the matter that allegedly occurred during a brief trip to my hometown of Las Vegas, I am fully confident that when the facts come out I will be cleared," Carter said, according to AP.

A few things here, regarding the report and accusation. "Past posting" is what he is being accused of. That's a cheating method in which you add to your bet after the outcome of the game has been determined. This was probably the way to go if you wanted to cheat a casino in 1983. No, never mind. It was a pretty ham-fisted method then, too. Casinos have technology to catch this stuff. They have cameras. A lot of them. Everyone who goes to Vegas knows this. Well, almost everyone. As an aside, Carter went to high school in Las Vegas and gave a North Las Vegas address when he was booked at the Clark County jail. Given he is a local, one would assume Carter is aware of casino security methods.

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The next thing that jumps out about the report ... $5 chips? According to the Associated Press, Carter is accused of "committing a fraudulent act in a gaming establishment, a felony in Nevada that carries a possible sentence of one to six years in prison and a $10,000 fine." All for allegedly trying to get a few red chips out of the casino. Carter's rookie deal was four years for about $2.5 million, if you're interested. No word on whether he was comped a $7 buffet before he was arrested.

And then ... Texas Station? You might not be familiar with Las Vegas, but just know this is not the most luxurious spot in the area. I'm not saying Texas Station isn't the type of place you see many NFL players or high rollers, but you can book a room there on Monday night for $28. Seriously. He wasn't exactly rolling the bones at Wynn or Caesars Palace.

Are there some positives? Well, there's no mention in the charges of him trying to steal Mike Tyson's tiger, and none of Robert DeNiro's henchmen pounded his right hand with a hammer in the back room. So there's that.

But the actual crime Carter is being accused of, it's so weird Hollywood would never buy it.

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