Denver Broncos get perhaps the luckiest interception of the season

Shutdown Corner

The Denver Broncos could try to replicate Chris Harris' interception on the first play of the fourth quarter against the New York Giants in practice and never, ever do it right.

On a slant pass from Eli Manning, cornerback Tony Carter made a very nice play to reach around Rueben Randle and knock a pass down. Then came the one-in-a-million bounce.

As the ball was falling to the ground, Carter's left foot happened to hit it. His foot hit it in such a way that the ball flew back into the air and toward the middle of the field. Harris had to be stunned to see the ball suddenly coming his way, and to his credit he had the quick reaction to grab it as he went to the ground. It was a crazy interception, and came with the Broncos holding a 24-16 lead. Denver scored a touchdown on the drive following that fortunate interception.

Maybe Harris should buy a lottery ticket before he leaves New Jersey.

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