The Denver airport is having some fun with Omaha on its video boards

Kevin Kaduk
Shutdown Corner

Broncos fans preparing to fly east to watch their team in the Super Bowl are getting a funny and clever surprise at Denver International Airport this week.

As you can see in the tweet above, Omaha is listed as "Omaha!" on the departure and arrival video screens. When listed on top of one another, it serves as a homage to Peyton Manning's constant audibles at the line of scrimmage. The quarterback's trademark bark has taken on a life of its own with the city of Omaha embracing its role in the NFL playoffs and Manning raising almost $25,000 for his charity after repeating the word 31 times during the AFC championship game. Denver-based Frontier Airlines even offered a special fare to Omaha — err, Omaha! — and Las Vegas is even taking a prop bet on the number of times Manning screams it during the Super Bowl (opening over/under mark: 27.5).

We don't know if this screen change will be permanent, but travelers should keep their eyes peeled for any other changes on Denver's video boards this week. Might Seattle be relabeled "Shermanville" or something even worse?

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