Demaryius Thomas dresses up as replacement ref, wins Halloween

Remember the Week 2 debacle of a game between the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons? Atlanta won the game, 27-21, but the football particulars were overshadowed by the mistakes made by Ken Roan's substitute crew.

Roan's crew blew two obvious spots, messed up a fumble, missed several penalties, and lost complete control of the game as coaching staffs for both teams went nuts, apoplectic at all the in-game delays.

Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas has not forgotten, and he's managed to win Halloween as a result. Thomas put up and later deleted a picture on his Twitter account in which he dressed up as a replacement ref -- blackout glasses and "Replacement Referee" sign in tow, just in case we missed the point.

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Fortunately, Denver radio host Peter Burns snatched the picture for posterity and put it up on his own account.

Of course, the NFL kept the real officials locked out until the Green Bay Packers lost a game they should have won against the Seattle Seahawks a week later, and it was more clear than ever that something needed to be done. Both games were "Monday Night Football" contests, which gave the entire football-watching nation the real truth when it came to just how bad these guys were.

After that Falcons-Broncos game, ESPN analyst Steve Young went off on the league for professing to be interested in player safety and the integrity of the game while putting such buffoons on the field.

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"Everything about the NFL now is inelastic for demand," Young said. "There's nothing they can do right now to hurt the demand for the game. The bottom line is, they don't care. Player safety doesn't matter in this case. Bring in the Division III officials — it doesn't matter. In the end you're still going to watch the game, we're going to all complain and moan and gripe but … it doesn't matter. Go ahead, gripe all they want. I'm going to rest. Let them eat cake."

We're not sure if Demaryius Thomas will be eating cake on Halloween, but the star receiver deserves something nice for his ingenuity. Well-played, sir.

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