DeMarco Murray gives television audience a glimpse of a full moon

Football players grab at whatever they can to bring a runner down, and sometimes that can lead to wardrobe issues.

Just ask Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray, who was pantsed on national television as he was tackled against the Steelers.

The embarrassing moment came at the end of a run against the Steelers. He was tackled by Pittsburgh safety Troy Polamalu, had his pants pulled down as he went down, and the fans watching at home got a show of his backside. The full unedited image of Murray's behind can be seen via this tweet by @cjzero.

Murray quickly rolled onto his back and pulled up his pants before going back to the huddle. Hey, at least there's not a gigantic 60-yard video board hanging above the field at Cowboys Stadium that caught Murray having to pull up his pants before the next play.

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