Deep Posts: Vince Wilfork has heard quite enough

Shutdown Corner

• Vince Wilfork says he's constantly holding back the urge to tell Rodney Harrison to "Shut the 'f' up."

• Recently fired Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley will appear on ESPN's "Audibles," which is kind of like the Kansas City Chiefs of NFL shows.

• Speaking of the Chiefs, interim head coach Romeo Crennel has benched Tyler Palko. He wasn't sure yet who he'd start because his preferred quarterback, Kyle Orton, may not be healthy, but he thought it was important to let people know that Tyler Palko will not be starting. "Rest assured, Chiefs fans! NO MORE PALKO!"

• Here's a headline proving that big plays don't matter.

• Conan O'Brien argues with Bob Costas about end zone celebrations. I think the big problem with end zone celebrations is that Conan O'Brien doesn't get to choreograph all of them.

• Here's Ndamukong Suh cutting short a radio interview because he didn't like the questions. The radio guys have every right to ask those questions, and Suh has every right to not answer them. No need to get mad about it, radio guy.

• A Jets fan was beaten pretty severely after the Jets/Chiefs game in New Jersey. Fractured jaw, cheekbone and eye socket. Such a shame.

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