Deep Posts: Vick could cash in

-- This morning on NFL Countdown, ESPN newsmaven Adam Schefter broke down how Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick's(notes) contract incentives work this year. Vick gets $850,000 if he plays in 51 percent or more of the plays in the first nine games, another $1,050,000 for playing in 51 percent of more of the plays through 11 games, and another $850,000 for playing in 51 percent of more of the plays through 13 games. That's $2.75 million dollars in incentives, and a major payday for Vick in 2011 (if there's actual football), because his contract will be up. Between Kevin Kolb's(notes) concussion issues and the prospect of the Eagles' offense simply being better with Vick in the picture, things could be a mite interesting in Philly - and not just from a financial perspective.

-- The term "3-4 defense" is generally a misnomer - teams haven't lined up in traditional three-man fronts with four standup linebackers and little variation since the 1970s. Watch the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Washington Redskins, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, and New York Jets to see 3-4 base fronts augmented by different nickel packages, and the Saints, 49ers and Cardinals for true "hybrid" defenses that alternate between three- and four-man fronts on a more frequent basis. Greg Bishop of the New York Times has a great article about how Rex Ryan's version of the 3-4 is at the vanguard of the total concept.

-- Speaking of the Jets' defense, Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo(notes) believes that all-world cornerback Darrelle Revis(notes) is faking the hamstring injury that supposedly has him as a matter of concern. "Y'know, when I saw that story, I thought the same thing. Look, he's healthy, he's 100 percent healthy, man, I'm not buying into that," Mayo told Boston radio station WEEI on Thursday. "I wouldn't want anybody to know. For him to come out like that, it's just a decoy," Mayo said. "So then everybody can be like, even if he goes out and has a great game, everybody's like, 'Oh, he's the greatest, he has a tender hamstring, he's coming out, running back sticks and stuff like that.' So I'm not buying into that." Neither am I. Start Randy Moss(notes) on your fantasy teams with great caution.

-- Some key actives/inactives: Cardinals running back Beanie Wells(notes) (inactive), Cowboys right tackle Marc Colombo(notes) (active, for all you Alex Barron(notes) fans out there), Ravens left tackle Jared Gaither(notes) (inactive), Chiefs defensive end Tyson Jackson(notes) (inactive), Browns quarterback Jake Delhomme(notes) (inactive, Seneca Wallace(notes) should be a good last-minute fantasy play), Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb (inactive, we know this) and linebacker Stewart Bradley(notes) (inactive, which could open things up for Detroit's Jahvid Best(notes)), Darrelle Revis (active, as if we had to guess), Pittsburgh Steelers nose tackle Casey Hampton(notes) and offensive tackle Max Starks(notes) (both inactive; things could get very interesting against the Titans today), Broncos offensive tackle Ryan Clady(notes) (active, but gave up 2 ½ sacks against the Jaguars last week; Seattle end Chris Clemons might have a big sack day).

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